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Aditus Site Builder - Pricing

Aditus Business Solutions, Inc.  presently works through it's channel partners to build a relationship that will ensure a quality experience for your internet needs. The basic option of Site Builder is $180 per year prepaid (that's $15 per month). That's less than a copy of most web site management tools, and none of them are this easy!

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Other Site Buider Options

Site Builder Basic

$180 per year
*.aditushost.com domain name
*@aditushost.com e-mail address
5 Page Template Prebuild
Form Posting


Site Builder Intermediate

$300 per year
*.aditushost.com or your own domain name (add $35 yearly)
*@aditushost.com email + 5 others of your choice
Zoom In Map and directions integration
Additional Forms Options as they become available


Site Builder Advanced

$1,200 per year plus
your own virtual e-mail server
Forms with integrated Customer Manager
Rank Assist - We will help you get ranked on Google
A dealer Locator (1000 requests of up to 1000 locations per month add $300 per year for increments of 500 monthly)


Site Builder eCommerce

$2,500 per year
Adds a catalog, shopping cart with Paypal and Amazon integration. To Site Builder Advanced.


Shared Hosted Sites Option

$5,000 per year
Host your own Sitebuilder domain. People can sign up and have new sites as myname.yoursite.com. You can control the templates and modules used. You can even write modules for your builder (each module is subject to code review and security review).

High Volume Options

$6,500 setup + $12,000 per year + $500 per month per server. Most of our options are designed with moderate traffic say a few thousand visitors a month will have a great experience with Sitebuilder. However some sites become very popular at that point you must move from our environment to a high volume option. This can only happen in an externally hosted enviornment. At this point we suggest moving your servers to RackSpace. Setup costs include transfer of your site properties to the rackspace servers, and switching your domain to the new server, transfering your e-mail accounts. The monthly fee includes two servers 1 web, 1 e-mail and database.

Source Code Option

   If you are interested in Source Code licenses please contact us.

Ranking and Search Engine Placement

    We offer ranking and search engine positioning expertice. To get on a search engine is the easy part, getting it to show up on top is the challenge. Sitebuilder is the only online tool that has placeholders for the infromation that search engines consume. Without them your changes of being placed in a search engine is nearly impossible. Please contact us for more information regarding getting your web site placed. We won't fool you with a $29.99 submit it anywhere tactic and let you think it's over. The market is competitive and ever changing, either you can try to keep running with it, or use a carefully planed and implemented strategy and lead the pack.

Custom Template Design / Integration

   Not satisfied with our templates there are more Buy a New one and have us integrate it or hire expertice to customize your own contact us. Once your template is done, all of the features of Site Builder will just "drop-in".

Ranking service is available with all of our hosting packages.

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