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11/25/2007 6:56:00 AM
Calendar Update

We released a new calendar editor that will make calendar editing a little less abstract. While the change is subtle I think you will like it. When you choose the editor you will now see a calendar. In future small revisions you will be able to view your calendar as a list of items and gain control over the look of individual calendar elements on your site through this interface rather than having to learn how to edit style sheets.

Calnedar item editor looks like this:


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Wow! Aditus Site Builder makes it so easy!

Now you can manage your web site's content yourself. You no longer have to deal with the hassle and high cost of coordinating with web designers and programmers to setup and maintain your web site.

By Using Aditus Site Builder you can keep your web site up to date and fresh for your visitors. Best of all you don't have to buy it all in one big bite. Evolve your site slowly, add and pay for features as you use them.

You will love Aditus Site Builder, it's the internet ala carte!

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